Top 10 Referrals – How to refearn your way to more coins


You may have noticed that things are getting busier around here with new prizes and even more gold than before. We’ve even seen some pretty amazing Snatching in recent weeks – with a Nintendo Switch being Snatched with just two minutes to go – and you might be wondering how to maximise your coins.

While you can win them in boxes, get them for logging them in for everyday, there’s an even better way to get your hands on some sweet sweet coinage. You may know you have a referral code for others to use – what you might not know is how using this can really add up.

Our top 10 is living proof that using that referral code can really bolster your balance – and enable you to Snatch some superfly swag.

In our top 5, we have JAMZLDN – who has seen his code used a super 725 times, giving him 362,500 coins. ALL FOR FREE. At 4, THEMANWIVTHEHAT has nearly more than 100 more uses – at 828. This gives him an astonishing 414,000 coins to Snatch with.

Coming in at 3, CAREYBOI has seen his code used 875 times, putting him in the black to the tune 437,500 coins. And at 2 it’s BANDIT12 who has 449,500 coins to Snatch with.

But way out in front – our Jewel in the Referrals Code Crown – is BDOG55. His code has been used a quite incredible 926 times – giving him 463,000 coins. This gives him the chance to Snatch 18,250 parcels. And that’s a lot of swag.

Want to be like these rambunctious referrers? Click the 500 Free Coins tab in your menu screen to get your code. Want to get your coins? Share it with a new player and get them Snatching too. It really is that simple.