Hey Snatchers, 

We’re coming to the end of another week of Snatching and the leaderboard is looking tasty. We’ve got some veteran Snatchers hovering around the top as well as others flying up the table, threatening to knock the others off their perch. 

Congratulations to ANDREAOHALL, KILLTOCURE AND COMEGETMENOW who will be receiving their prizes. 

As a special congratulations for breaking into the top 10 for the first time, SOCKSFOOT will be receiving a mystery prize. 

We will continue to give away special mystery prizes for those who break into this elite group of Snatchers. 

Snatch scores are worked about by assessing a Snatcher’s all-round gameplay. This means that defending, Snatching and securing are all as important as each other.

Keep on Snatching and you might soon see your name up in lights on the Snatch Leaderboard.


Hey Snatchers,

It’s our Friday leaderboard special and we’ve got this week’s top 10 Snatchers.

Congratulations to LE2DANGEROUS who leads the way this week and will have a fresh, new and exclusive Snatch hoody on the way. Runners-up AULD_PHARRRT will get Snatch socks, and TERROR2U will get a Snatch rosette.

Well done to all the newcomers on our leaderboard this week and if you see your name, remember to tweet us @SnatchHQ.


*Drum roll please*

Congratulations to top Snatcher LE2BOO this week, who will be receiving an exclusive Snatch hoody for coming first! But that’s not all because our runners up will get their hands on a cool prize for all the hard work they’ve been putting in.

Well done to all of you Snatchers who made it on the leaderboard.

Do you see your name? Remember to tweet us @SnatchHQ

If not, keep snatching and you might be here next week.

Top 10 snatchers
Top 10 Snatchers Leaderboard