Snatch Your Way On To The Property Ladder

Saving is really bloody hard. Like really hard. Owning a house can seem like a pipe dream for so many these days. You don’t want to be asking your parents, because, ya know, you’re a grown adult. Some parents, as much as they’d love to, just aren’t able to and that’s ok. Instead of secretly hoping rich uncle Phil will pop his clogs and liked you enough to make you the heir to his fortune, we can help you take this into your own hands.

How Can Snatch Help?

Snatch isn’t just about making everyday fun – we want to change your life. So we’re offering our biggest prize to date – up £25,000 towards a house deposit. That’s right up to 25,000 cold hard pounds that we will give to you to go and spend on a house deposit. Whether you’ve got your eye on an apartment for you and your partner, or you want to move into a three-bed family home, we can help you change your life.

How to Win

Over the next five days, we are hiding three different house keys in parcels around the UK. You need to collect and redeem each house key in app. The Snatchers who collect and redeem all three house keys will put their foot in the door for a chance to win the main prize. Players will have until midnight on 31/07/2017 to redeem all three house keys. When this time limit has passed, all these players will be entered into a special draw to determine the winner of the deposit.