Top 10 Snatchers Leaderboard

It’s the end of the week, which means only one thing. THE SNATCH LEADERBOARD is here (a day later than usual, but ya know ¯\_(ツ)_/¯).  There are some interesting developments and a few new faces taking up those top ten places!

Can we give a warm welcome to RHIRHI, UNLUCKY2 and CMYKLIFE who have defied the odds and beaten some hot competition to make into the top 10!

In 3rd place this week is one of our newbies, CMYKLIFE who has racked up an impressive 508 Snatch points. Welcome to the party, pal.

2nd this week is one of our veteran Snatchers, KILLTOCURE. KTC has scored a tidy 544 points this week. Very nice.

This week’s crown goes to WIKKEDCLOWN who wiped the floor with a scorching 653 Snatch points. That’ll do Clown, that’ll do.

We know that this is a hotly contested leaderboard and that tempers can sometimes flair up, but it’s important to remember that this is just a bit of fun. Being lame to other people about it isn’t cool. Enjoy it and if you think there’s anything we should be looking into just drop us a message in-app.

The All Time Top Ten Snatchers

Hey Snatchers,

Some of you have been asking for a new kind of leaderboard so it’s easier to see where you rank against both friend and foe. 

So; ask and ye shall receive. We bring you the all time top 10 Snatchers. This shows the number of parcels Snatched.

Yes, some of these numbers might look intimidating, but remember, some of these Snatchers have been playing since day one – and day one was a long long time ago…

What’s more, winning prizes is totally random so if today is your first day or your 100th day, you could still win a holiday or huge cash prize.

From now on we’re going to be bringing you different leaderboards every now and again. The winners will still get sent Snatch swag, so keep an eye out and you might be a winner.

We’re under no illusions – this leaderboard is going to be as hotly debated as it is contested but, to you all, we say one thing; stay Snatchy

Top 10 Snatchers Leaderboard

We’re feeling…SNATCHY ALL OVER. Can you believe there has been a whole week since the last Snatchers Leaderboard? A whole week! That’s a lot of time for a lot of Snatching and a lot of time for players to move and shake.

As it’s Thursday, we’ve been tracking our top Snatchers over the past week and we are now ready to reveal our TOP TEN Snatchers. So buckle up and get excited to see who the movers and shakers are this week…

Coming in at number 3 this week, it’s WIKKEDCLOWN with 502 points. WIKKEDCLOWN has gained a massive 7 spots, breaching the top 3 this week after being in 10th place last week. Big well done, you scary, scary, clown.

This week’s runner-up is B00DLE, who jumps from 8 last week to 2 this week. With a point total of 610, B00DLE nestles into the second spot like a cat might nestle into their bed of an evening.

And, this week’s top Snatcher, has retained their number one spot – and in some style. JOSEY69 holds onto their crown this week with 845 points – a massive 235 ahead of second place. That is some Snatching.

Remember to keep up the Snatching and your name could be in the bright lights of the top 10. We will be contacting our winners about their prizes very soon.

Top 10 Snatchers Leaderboard

Another week is nearly at an end and what a week it’s been. Snatchers (aged 18 and over…) across the country have been enjoying their free pint of Amstel and Snatching like there’s no tomorrow.

Here are this week’s most impressive Snatchers.

Congratulations to our Leaderboard debutants WIKKEDCLOWN, LOKIDOKI, B00DLE and JOSEY69. It’s massively impressive and incredibly difficult to break into the leaderboard, kind of like finding a parking space in London (that’s for all you dad’s out there) …. but it can be done as these Snatchers have shown.

Holding on to 3rd spot this week is COREY. COREY’s scorey was a massively impressive 493. Nicely done.

This week’s runner up has made a six-place leap into 2nd. Well done to NEONTISTIC83 who has hauled in an impressive 508 Snatch points.

This week’s winner is a debutant (which is crazy rare!) Huge round of applause for JOSEY69 who tops this week’s Leaderboard with a score of 587.

Keep on Snatching and get your name up in lights on the Snatch Leaderboard. Winners will be contacted about their prizes soon!


Snatch Leaderboard

It’s that time of the week again folks. Let’s see who has been knocking it out of the park in Snatch this week!

First off, a warm welcome to Durti, BBDH and Neontistic83 who are making their Snatch Leaderboard debut. Congrats guys, we’ll be firing over some gnarly Snatch merch to you.

Slipping from 2nd to 3rd this week is Corey with a very impressive Snatch score of 482. Not too shabby.

In 2nd place, leaping 2 places from last week, is COMEGETMENOW. This grizzled vet racked up a Snatch score of 517 in an incredibly impressive display of Snatching.

This week’s number 1 Snatcher has risen from 3rd last week to Snatch the gold this time around, it’s SPIKELAPUNK! Well done that man.

Our top three will be receiving some sweet Snatch goodies very soon.

Want to be on the Snatch Leaderboard? Then make your all round gameplay count as to get in with this lot you’ve gotta be collecting, defending and Snatching like an absolute madman. GOOD LUCK.



Afternoon Snatchers!

Another week is almost done and while most people are watching the polls as Britain votes in the General Election, we’ve got our eyes on a different kind of contest. Thursday night means another round of our the Snatch Leaderboard and some people might be shocked by the results…

This week’s top 3 coming in first passed the post are…

At number 3, jumping up from 6th, is CAROLYN holding off number 7 by a cool 20 points – and coming from outside the top 10 to take their place…

In the runner’s up spot this week is COREY with an impressive 602 – with a score that would have been enough to win last week and running our winner close but not close enough.

And taking the top spot this week is ITSMEBISH, 12 points clear of 2nd, and running away on 614 points. Kudos to you, Snatch Leaderboard Champion of the week.

This week’s leaderboard party was crashed by a total of 3 newcomers – big up SOCKSFOOT, TWIGGY, and HUIHIGF who are all in line for a little something, something, in the post. We’ll be in contact very soon…

Come back next week for the next episode of Snatch Leaderboard…


Afternoon Snatchers!

Another week is coming to a close, the weekend is very nearly here and you guys are Snatching like there’s no tomorrow. In a week where we’ve seen some of the big players in politics failing to make an appearance, the same can’t be said about the big dogs in Snatch.

This week’s Top 3 is made up of some seriously strong players.

In 3rd place we have last week’s 5th placed Snatcher, ITSMEBISH. With a Snatch score of 568, 6 points better off than last week.

This week’s runner up for the 2nd week in a row is KILLTOCURE with a score of 569, holding off ITSMEBISH by a single point!

aaaaaaaaand still your Snatch Leaderboard Champion ANDREAOHALL! 587 Snatch points was enough to land the crown this week.

Well done to CRASHBANDICOOT and BIZZY80 for making their first appearance on the Leaderboard, you guys will be receiving a pair of Snatch sunglasses each and we’ll be in contact with top 3 very soon.

Check back next week for a shower of super Snatchers.



Hey Snatchers, 

We’re coming to the end of another week of Snatching and the leaderboard is looking tasty. We’ve got some veteran Snatchers hovering around the top as well as others flying up the table, threatening to knock the others off their perch. 

Congratulations to ANDREAOHALL, KILLTOCURE AND COMEGETMENOW who will be receiving their prizes. 

As a special congratulations for breaking into the top 10 for the first time, SOCKSFOOT will be receiving a mystery prize. 

We will continue to give away special mystery prizes for those who break into this elite group of Snatchers. 

Snatch scores are worked about by assessing a Snatcher’s all-round gameplay. This means that defending, Snatching and securing are all as important as each other.

Keep on Snatching and you might soon see your name up in lights on the Snatch Leaderboard.


Hey Snatchers!

It’s that time of the week again where we check out who has been setting the Snatching world alight.

Huge congrats to STERLINGLDN who is top of the pile with a Snatch score of 616. Keep your eyes peeled as a Snatch hoody is heading your way!

CAROLYN is in 2nd spot with a very respectable Snatch score of 607 which has earned them the very fetching Snatch socks.

In 3rd place we COMEGETMENOW who will receive a Snatch rosette, just in time for election season too.

Snatch scores are worked about by assessing a Snatcher’s all-round gameplay. This means that defending, Snatching and securing are all as important as each other.

Well done to everyone on the leaderboard, especially the newcomers. If you see your name, remember to tweet us @SnatchHQ.


Hey Snatchers,

It’s our Friday leaderboard special and we’ve got this week’s top 10 Snatchers.

Congratulations to LE2DANGEROUS who leads the way this week and will have a fresh, new and exclusive Snatch hoody on the way. Runners-up AULD_PHARRRT will get Snatch socks, and TERROR2U will get a Snatch rosette.

Well done to all the newcomers on our leaderboard this week and if you see your name, remember to tweet us @SnatchHQ.