An updated app – what you get with 1.6

Here at Snatch, we are constantly working on ways to update the game and make it more fun and slick for you guys. We work so hard, our tech team often simply aren’t allowed out of their Tech Cave™️ until the work is done. And, you’ll be pleased to know, we’ve cracked that door and they are allowed some sunlight – just as summer is over – as they’ve just finished their work on a new update…

And now, you lucky Snatchers can take advantage of all their hard work. We’ve just released our latest update across both app stores – version 1.6 is ready for you! There are some major and minor changes coming but the changes will improve the way you play the game – no matter how big or small they are.

If you haven’t hit the update button just yet, do so now. While there are plenty of changes, we just wanted to flag some of the major ones to you. So, without further ado:

  • THE MAPS – Google Maps has now been integrated into both versions of the app, making your maps look slicker, sleeker, and clearer than ever. Their accuracy is also improved meaning you can be sure your weapons and tools will have more of an impact.
  • IMPROVED SECURITY – You may notice the option to log in with email and Facebook has gone. Most of you were already using your phone to log in and we’ve removed the option to improve your security.
  • STREAKS AND TOOLS RESET – To make it easier to track, all streaks and tools will reset at 6am. This means you guys can be sure that once the clock strikes 6am, you can start using weapons again and you’ll receive your daily reward.
  • TENTS AND SAFE HOUSES – We know these can be a little sensitive. This is why we’ve introduced a new buffer for these – giving you an extra 20m so you can be sure that you are secure.

Plus, we’ve got some exciting new tools coming your way that will help you out when it comes to defending your parcels – but more about that later…

Happy Snatching!

Team Snatch

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