Mystery Destination

Ahoy Snatcher,

Fancy flying off somewhere sunny? Course you do. It’s getting darker earlier and increasingly chilly.

If you want to Snatch £400 worth of flight vouchers for a trip away to your dream destination, there’s just one thing we need you to do:

Beginning tomorrow, we’ll be releasing clues as to the whereabouts of a particular place. There will be 3 clues, all leading to the same place. All you have to do is figure out where in the world we’re talking about.

The best thing about this? You don’t even need to Snatch the clues enter. We’ll be sharing the page to submit your answer via Twitter and Facebook so make sure you’re following.

Remember, it’s not in your interest to share your clues or answers with either friends or foes. You and you alone deserve this trip, right? So keep your answers to yourself 😉

This will not follow the usual redemption mechanic. All you will need to do is input your details including your answer to the mystery location into a Google Form which will go live on Sunday (it will close at midnight on Monday). We will then be picking a winner at random from those who have correctly inputted their details as well as the right answer into the form.

You’re not on holiday yet, replace that straw hat and cocktail umbrella with a deerstalker and pipe – you’ve got detective work to do.

Good luck,

Team Snatch

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