Vinci Hearables are back…

Hey Snatchers,

We’ve got the return of Vinci Hearables coming your way today. You were pretty excited by them last time and these bad-boys are exclusive to Snatch. So exclusive, you can’t even buy them in the UK yet. They are back on the treasures list ready for you to win this week. If you win yourself a pair, you’ll be one of the first people in the whole of UK to get them round your head. Music to your ears? Thought so. 🎶

Vinci Hearables are the world’s first headphones with integrated AI, meaning you can stream your music, get directions, call a taxi and and check the weather – particularly handy at the moment..

There is an incredible amount of tech built into these headphones, including a heart rate monitor, GPS and proximity sensor and they come with 16gb of built-in storage. You can also hook them up to your Spotify, Soundcloud or even Amazon Alexa.

Keep your ear close to the ground Snatchers, you might just find yourself wearing some snazzy new UK exclusive pair of Vinci Hearables very soon. Snatch these and enjoy a new listening experience, while being the talk of the town as you’re literally the only one wearing them  🎧

Check out our video for more details or visit the Vinci website to get your head around the tech.

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