GOLD! Always believe in your soul…

Well, hello Snatchers,

We’ll get straight to the point, and it’s a big gold tipped point this time, coming at you in 3 parts.

Firstly, you know how we’ve only been giving out £50 Golden Parcels? Well, they’re not going anywhere. Here to stay. Part of the family now.

BUT. We’ve taken that £50 AND RAISED it. In other words, expect to see £100 Golden Parcels alongside the regular £50s.

Managed to digest that news yet? Ok, the second bit of news is that £1 Golden Parcels are making a comeback. The humble £1 returns, but this time it demands a little more respect.

Because this bit is a genuine game changer: Each week one of our £1 winners will be chosen to win another £100! That’s the chance to turn those 100 pennies into 100 pounds. Pretty great, huh?

Talk about turning water into wine…So, in order to be in with a chance of a big old upgrade you MUST redeem your £1 win.

That’s it for now, just keep Snatching and you could soon be £100 better off.


Team Snatch

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