Tech Update: Golden Parcels

Dearest Snatchers,

We know how much you love Golden Parcels – almost as much as we love paying you the money

We’ve given away plenty of cash so far – making you guys thousands (and ones) of pounds richer. And we aren’t stopping anytime soon…

But we are going to be making changes to the way we distribute the money from Golden Parcel wins. This means we need to carry out some infrastructure change to our systems here – and that’s going to mean some delays for you. Because technology isn’t easily fixed, from today there will be a two week delay in us processing Golden Parcel payments.

We are sorry about this – but we do have a work around. We can manually process payments but this will take a couple of days as we will be fixing the system on top of this. If you want this to happen, please email

All this work is going to make things better for you – and while it’s annoying, be patient and things will be back to normal in no time at all (well, about two weeks but you know…)

P.S. We are also switching up the cash amounts that go into the Golden Parcels to give you more bang for your buck – all will be revealed very shortly…


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