Top 10 Snatchers Leaderboard

Another week is nearly at an end and what a week it’s been. Snatchers (aged 18 and over…) across the country have been enjoying their free pint of Amstel and Snatching like there’s no tomorrow.

Here are this week’s most impressive Snatchers.

Congratulations to our Leaderboard debutants WIKKEDCLOWN, LOKIDOKI, B00DLE and JOSEY69. It’s massively impressive and incredibly difficult to break into the leaderboard, kind of like finding a parking space in London (that’s for all you dad’s out there) …. but it can be done as these Snatchers have shown.

Holding on to 3rd spot this week is COREY. COREY’s scorey was a massively impressive 493. Nicely done.

This week’s runner up has made a six-place leap into 2nd. Well done to NEONTISTIC83 who has hauled in an impressive 508 Snatch points.

This week’s winner is a debutant (which is crazy rare!) Huge round of applause for JOSEY69 who tops this week’s Leaderboard with a score of 587.

Keep on Snatching and get your name up in lights on the Snatch Leaderboard. Winners will be contacted about their prizes soon!


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