What’s the Story, Snatching Glory…

As kids, we were all told not to snatch. That it was rude. That it was mean. But it was also a lot of fun, right? That sweet, sweet, satisfaction as you took what you really wanted – and left the other person a little bit upset.

It’s why we built this game – and why we made Snatching an integral part of the game. Sure, collecting parcels is fine – but nothing compares to the rush of stealing a parcel from someone and then keeping it to reveal the spoils.

And this week, we saw Snatching move to another level. We know you all go a bit crazy for the chance to win games consoles – and this week we put each variety in game to win. When the prizes go in, we don’t know where they end up – we just know they are out there. And on Tuesday when we put an assorted array of games consoles out there to be won, some people got pretty excited…

Parcels can move a long way – the six hour time means they can find a parcel in Nuneaton, drive a couple hours to Slough where it can snatched by someone passing through and whisked off to Newport where the parcel finds a home. And this is what happened with the Nintendo Switch!

It moved around the country, passing through three players hands before it was Snatched by a player with precisely two minutes to and then, when that player hit reveal…A NINTENDO SWITCH.

They must be made of four leaf clovers because that is some sweet, sweet, luck.

If you collect a parcel, or Snatch a parcel, you’ll never know what’s in there – unless it’s Gold of course. But snatching a parcel will always guarantee a shorter wait time to reveal your prize – and two minutes to find out you’ve won a Nintendo Switch must be a pretty satisfying feeling. Just like this gif:

So we aren’t saying that Snatching gets you better prizes – all we are saying is that Snatching your way to a win is clearly more satisfying that collecting your way to a win. So…what are you waiting for? Be more raccoon. 

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