Top 10 Snatchers Leaderboard

Another Thursday, another blog post and it’s time, once again, for our Top 10 Snatchers Leaderboard.

Every week, we chart the movers and shakers who are doing the moving and Snatching and this week, we’ve got a whopping THREE new entries into the top 10. Please give a warm welcome to BITOUILLE, WHITECHEESE and GPHANDLEY. We’ve got some Snatch swag headed your way…

This week’s 3rd best Snatcher and jumping five spots is SPIKELAPUNK with 541 Snatch points.

Dropping one spot to number 2 this week is COREY with a Snatch score of 553 – dropping 30 points from last weeks total.

This week’s undisputed Snatcher of Snatchers, they move, they snatch, then they do it all again, racking up an impressive 603 Snatch points, it’s CAROLYN who takes the number one spot this week.

We’ll be sending out your prizes as soon as we can, so look forward to them you gladiators of the Snatching world.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to make it on to the leaderboard then get Snatching, collecting and defending.


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