Game News – Parcel Reveal Time

As a game, Snatch is constantly evolving and we are constantly learning about how you guys play. Since the game was made available to the public, we have seen the game evolve and change. We have learnt what does work – and what doesn’t work.

We recently took the decision to lower the parcel reveal time to three hours from six. At the time, it felt like the right decision and a great way of changing the way you play the game – and we know it was widely supported by you. However, the impact this change has had on the game hasn’t been as positive as we hoped – speaking to players on a daily basis, many have noticed that there are less players about to Snatch from. And Snatch is the name of the game and that’s what you all love about it.

We want to encourage players to snatch and steal from each other as much as possible – and this has taken away from the fun. It hurts us that we have to go back on our change and admit that we were wrong because we really thought the three hour change was going to make the game better for you all, but that wasn’t the case.

So what does this mean? As of 4am Tuesday June 20th, the parcel times will revert to a six hour reveal. All parcels in your inventory, no matter how far along the time they are, will revert to six hours. This will take the game back to it’s original form as the cost of snatching will stay at 25 coins too.

We fully appreciate how much you guys wanted the three hour parcels – and we wanted it to work too. We want to keep this game free and fun for everyone and this has played a big impact in us going back to six hours.

But it’s not all bad news – to cushion the blow, we’ve got some special Golden Parcels coming today – with double the amount of cash available to win – as well as games consoles up for grabs. Keep an eye on the treasures screen for more.

Best wishes,

Joe Martin

CEO, Snatch.

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