Top 10 Referrals – How to refearn your way to more coins


You may have noticed that things are getting busier around here with new prizes and even more gold than before. We’ve even seen some pretty amazing Snatching in recent weeks – with a Nintendo Switch being Snatched with just two minutes to go – and you might be wondering how to maximise your coins.

While you can win them in boxes, get them for logging them in for everyday, there’s an even better way to get your hands on some sweet sweet coinage. You may know you have a referral code for others to use – what you might not know is how using this can really add up.

Our top 10 is living proof that using that referral code can really bolster your balance – and enable you to Snatch some superfly swag.

In our top 5, we have JAMZLDN – who has seen his code used a super 725 times, giving him 362,500 coins. ALL FOR FREE. At 4, THEMANWIVTHEHAT has nearly more than 100 more uses – at 828. This gives him an astonishing 414,000 coins to Snatch with.

Coming in at 3, CAREYBOI has seen his code used 875 times, putting him in the black to the tune 437,500 coins. And at 2 it’s BANDIT12 who has 449,500 coins to Snatch with.

But way out in front – our Jewel in the Referrals Code Crown – is BDOG55. His code has been used a quite incredible 926 times – giving him 463,000 coins. This gives him the chance to Snatch 18,250 parcels. And that’s a lot of swag.

Want to be like these rambunctious referrers? Click the 500 Free Coins tab in your menu screen to get your code. Want to get your coins? Share it with a new player and get them Snatching too. It really is that simple.

Friday New Prizes with Amstel

Lucky Snatchers,

You may have seen our latest prizes on the treasures list – a trip to Amsterdam and bikes courtesy of our friends at Amstel. You may have also been lucky enough Snatch yourself up a free pint of Amstel Bier too. If you have, it’s certainly a happy Friday for you and we toast to that.

The prizes are ready to be won this morning so you’re probably wondering where you can go to claim your beer when you reveal it. Well look no further – we’ve got you covered. The vouchers can be redeemed in a number of establishments across the UK – whether it’s All Bar One, Nicholson’s, Vintage Inns, or Toby Carvery.

Follow the links below to find some handy maps for you to track down your local pub or bar to claim your free pint.

All Bar One


Vintage Inns

Toby Carvery

Want even more incentive? The above establishments (apart from Vintage Inns) are all safe-houses – so you can sip your pint knowing that you are completely safe from other Snatchers…

And what better way to celebrate Friday then heading down to your local pub and claiming your free pint. Then, all you need to do is enjoy your refreshing, delicious pint of Amstel. And we’ll drink to that. Cheers.

As per our terms, these prizes are available to players 18+. Please see our game terms here. 

Snatch Leaderboard

It’s that time of the week again folks. Let’s see who has been knocking it out of the park in Snatch this week!

First off, a warm welcome to Durti, BBDH and Neontistic83 who are making their Snatch Leaderboard debut. Congrats guys, we’ll be firing over some gnarly Snatch merch to you.

Slipping from 2nd to 3rd this week is Corey with a very impressive Snatch score of 482. Not too shabby.

In 2nd place, leaping 2 places from last week, is COMEGETMENOW. This grizzled vet racked up a Snatch score of 517 in an incredibly impressive display of Snatching.

This week’s number 1 Snatcher has risen from 3rd last week to Snatch the gold this time around, it’s SPIKELAPUNK! Well done that man.

Our top three will be receiving some sweet Snatch goodies very soon.

Want to be on the Snatch Leaderboard? Then make your all round gameplay count as to get in with this lot you’ve gotta be collecting, defending and Snatching like an absolute madman. GOOD LUCK.

Moving? You want to win Just Move In

You may have been lucky enough to win yourself our latest prize – a lifetime Concierge Membership from Just Move In. You might also be wondering just exactly what this all means.

Well don’t worry – here at Snatch we are happy to help out with a bit more information and how you can get the best out of your lifetime membership from Just Move In.

When you are moving house, flat, apartment, tent, there are a lot of things to consider beyond packing all your stuff up and shipping it off to the new place. You have internet providers, energy companies, water people, the Council, and everything else in between to speak to make sure everything transfers smoothly – and you can get started straight away in your new place. And it often feels like a days work just to get this setup – which can cause a bit of a headache…

With the Lifetime Concierge Membership, you can remove the need for painkillers and handover the arduous admin to the guys at Just Move In. They will take your details and speak to all the people you don’t want to – the electric and gas folk, your internet and TV supplier, your water company, the council and even your insurers. Saving you time, money, and that headache. Pretty neat, huh?

What’s more, it’s a lifetime thing – so it will never run out. No matter how many times you move. That’s service.


What’s the Story, Snatching Glory…

As kids, we were all told not to snatch. That it was rude. That it was mean. But it was also a lot of fun, right? That sweet, sweet, satisfaction as you took what you really wanted – and left the other person a little bit upset.

It’s why we built this game – and why we made Snatching an integral part of the game. Sure, collecting parcels is fine – but nothing compares to the rush of stealing a parcel from someone and then keeping it to reveal the spoils.

And this week, we saw Snatching move to another level. We know you all go a bit crazy for the chance to win games consoles – and this week we put each variety in game to win. When the prizes go in, we don’t know where they end up – we just know they are out there. And on Tuesday when we put an assorted array of games consoles out there to be won, some people got pretty excited…

Parcels can move a long way – the six hour time means they can find a parcel in Nuneaton, drive a couple hours to Slough where it can snatched by someone passing through and whisked off to Newport where the parcel finds a home. And this is what happened with the Nintendo Switch!

It moved around the country, passing through three players hands before it was Snatched by a player with precisely two minutes to and then, when that player hit reveal…A NINTENDO SWITCH.

They must be made of four leaf clovers because that is some sweet, sweet, luck.

If you collect a parcel, or Snatch a parcel, you’ll never know what’s in there – unless it’s Gold of course. But snatching a parcel will always guarantee a shorter wait time to reveal your prize – and two minutes to find out you’ve won a Nintendo Switch must be a pretty satisfying feeling. Just like this gif:

So we aren’t saying that Snatching gets you better prizes – all we are saying is that Snatching your way to a win is clearly more satisfying that collecting your way to a win. So…what are you waiting for? Be more raccoon. 

Top 10 Snatchers Leaderboard

Another Thursday, another blog post and it’s time, once again, for our Top 10 Snatchers Leaderboard.

Every week, we chart the movers and shakers who are doing the moving and Snatching and this week, we’ve got a whopping THREE new entries into the top 10. Please give a warm welcome to BITOUILLE, WHITECHEESE and GPHANDLEY. We’ve got some Snatch swag headed your way…

This week’s 3rd best Snatcher and jumping five spots is SPIKELAPUNK with 541 Snatch points.

Dropping one spot to number 2 this week is COREY with a Snatch score of 553 – dropping 30 points from last weeks total.

This week’s undisputed Snatcher of Snatchers, they move, they snatch, then they do it all again, racking up an impressive 603 Snatch points, it’s CAROLYN who takes the number one spot this week.

We’ll be sending out your prizes as soon as we can, so look forward to them you gladiators of the Snatching world.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to make it on to the leaderboard then get Snatching, collecting and defending.


Game News – Parcel Reveal Time

As a game, Snatch is constantly evolving and we are constantly learning about how you guys play. Since the game was made available to the public, we have seen the game evolve and change. We have learnt what does work – and what doesn’t work.

We recently took the decision to lower the parcel reveal time to three hours from six. At the time, it felt like the right decision and a great way of changing the way you play the game – and we know it was widely supported by you. However, the impact this change has had on the game hasn’t been as positive as we hoped – speaking to players on a daily basis, many have noticed that there are less players about to Snatch from. And Snatch is the name of the game and that’s what you all love about it.

We want to encourage players to snatch and steal from each other as much as possible – and this has taken away from the fun. It hurts us that we have to go back on our change and admit that we were wrong because we really thought the three hour change was going to make the game better for you all, but that wasn’t the case.

So what does this mean? As of 4am Tuesday June 20th, the parcel times will revert to a six hour reveal. All parcels in your inventory, no matter how far along the time they are, will revert to six hours. This will take the game back to it’s original form as the cost of snatching will stay at 25 coins too.

We fully appreciate how much you guys wanted the three hour parcels – and we wanted it to work too. We want to keep this game free and fun for everyone and this has played a big impact in us going back to six hours.

But it’s not all bad news – to cushion the blow, we’ve got some special Golden Parcels coming today – with double the amount of cash available to win – as well as games consoles up for grabs. Keep an eye on the treasures screen for more.

Best wishes,

Joe Martin

CEO, Snatch.


It’s Thursday… (ok it’s not, but let’s pretend) which means just one thing It’s nearly the weekend The Snatch Leaderboard is here!

We’ve got a few new faces around these parts which is always nice to see, so please give a warm round of applause to NICKSUMMER, FILAKIA and MAGSC who’ve make their leaderboard debut. Well done you. You’ll be receiving some Snatch goodies for your tremendous efforts.

This week’s 3rd best Snatcher and making their first appearance on the leaderboard is Filakia.

Straight in at number 2 this week is another newcomer, NICKSUMMER with an impressive tally of 531 Snatch points!

This week’s undisputed king of Snatchers, he Snatches like a butterfly and defends like a bee, COREY! COREY racked up an impressive 583 Snatch points this week to take the crown.

We’ll be sending out your prizes as soon as we can, so look forward to them you gladiators of the Snatching world.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to make it on to the leaderboard then get Snatching, collecting and defending.


Hey Snatchers,

Happy Friday!

Another week, another bunch of Snatches. We’ve got some exciting news coming your way for the end of this Sneek (Snatch Week).

It’s the final countdown.. (at the Snatch polling station)

Are you getting frustrated and tired of securing your parcel for 6 loooong hours? Well, you’ve asked and we’ve listened. After yesterday’s Twitter vote, it looks like the 6 hour parcel securing time was beginning to test everyone’s patience. So, we have ratified your wishes and there will now be a new parcel securing time.

So, what is the new time for securing parcels?

The new time for securing parcels has been reduced to…

…The suspense…



Hooray! That’s exactly half of the original parcel holding time.

The long awaited parcel time change is now is action, so go ahead, get Snatching and reap the benefits.

There are a few key important points to be aware of.

Snatching parcels will now cost you 50 coins, but Snatching from friends remains the same at 100 coins. This is because you’ll now be able secure them in half the time!

All parcels will now be secured after 3 hours, but the clock might not display this immediately. Please restart the app to resolve this. Check out these fabulous examples.

This also applies to parcels that you’ve Snatched since the change to 3 hours, so again, restart the app and all will be well.


It’s raining gold, hallelujah

Ready to score some Golden Parcels this weekend? Hop on over to the Snatch app and celebrate the parcel time change. We’ve dropped some exciting new Golden Parcels with special amounts, waiting for you in game. 

One last time ‘fore we go..

Don’t forget to check out the treasures page and keep your eyes peeled as we’ve got some exciting new prizes coming your way this weekend.

Have a Snatch-y weekend!

Team Snatch



Afternoon Snatchers!

Another week is almost done and while most people are watching the polls as Britain votes in the General Election, we’ve got our eyes on a different kind of contest. Thursday night means another round of our the Snatch Leaderboard and some people might be shocked by the results…

This week’s top 3 coming in first passed the post are…

At number 3, jumping up from 6th, is CAROLYN holding off number 7 by a cool 20 points – and coming from outside the top 10 to take their place…

In the runner’s up spot this week is COREY with an impressive 602 – with a score that would have been enough to win last week and running our winner close but not close enough.

And taking the top spot this week is ITSMEBISH, 12 points clear of 2nd, and running away on 614 points. Kudos to you, Snatch Leaderboard Champion of the week.

This week’s leaderboard party was crashed by a total of 3 newcomers – big up SOCKSFOOT, TWIGGY, and HUIHIGF who are all in line for a little something, something, in the post. We’ll be in contact very soon…

Come back next week for the next episode of Snatch Leaderboard…