Happy Thursday Snatchers,

The bank holiday weekend is in sight and we’ve added something new to our leaderboard this week.

Below you can now see your Snatchers score. This score takes into account how many Snatches you made and the number of times you have attacked and defended.

Congratulations to “LE2BOO” for coming first this week with a Snatcher Score of a whopping 1174 and runners up “ITSMEBISH” and “TERROR4U”. It’s exciting to see different players make the leaderboard and it goes to show your hard work is not going unnoticed.

Remember, every week our top 3 Snatchers will win exclusive prizes. Top Snatcher will receive a Snatch hoody from us and runners up receive Snatch socks. So those who didn’t make the cut, keep Snatching because next week you could be up there with a prize on your way.

Are you new on our leaderboard this week? Tweet us at @SnatchHQ or leave a comment below, then brag about it to your friends and family.

branded leaderboard
Snatch leaderboard



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