If you’ve been playing Snatch long enough you’ll know that on your profile there’s a mysterious label. Today, we’re taking the mystery away by telling you what these labels actually mean.

We call them the Snatch rankings. They’re there to show you the level you’re at and how well you’re doing when it comes to Snatching (or collecting) parcels.

Snatch Ranking
Here are the different rankings:

Amateur – If you’re new around these parts, you haven’t played much or you’re still getting to grips with the game then you’re more than likely to be an Amateur. Your stats will be low but give it time, play consistently and this will soon pick up.

Budding – If you’re at this stage then you’re showing signs of promise, picking up the pace and you’re well on your way to Snatch success.

Seasoned – You’re doing well. You’re Snatching to the right and collecting to the left. This shows you that you’ve got experience to go higher up the ranks.

Experienced – Over time, you’ll become experienced depending on how you’ve been playing. This takes skill and is a great accomplishment.

Pro – Professional. You’re a true Snatcher. You know the game by the back of your hand now. Other local snatchers know and loathe you.

Prolific – You’re one up from the previous ranking. You’re Snatching an abundant amount of parcels and your inventory is always full.

Dedicated – You’re a loyal Snatcher. You’re committed no matter what and you’re constantly playing.

Master – The name says it all. You’re a black belt in Snatching. You’re at the peak and no one can stop you now.

Once you’ve got the above ranking, it’ll be followed by either one of these three labels: Collector, Snatcher or Provider. 

If you’re a Collector, we assume that you love walking around gathering parcels as well as utilising the radar a lot.

If you’re a Snatcher, you Snatch from nearby players, friends and you love the black hole.

If you’re a Provider, you get Snatched from a lot, so much so that you may as well be another feature on our app allowing Snatchers to take parcels from you in broad daylight.

You don’t want to be a Provider.

Happy Snatchin’

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