Hey, Snatchers!

We’re back this week with some more Snatchy goodness. Today we want to talk to you about Snatching (and retaining) parcels without any help from our friends – the black hole, the supermassive black hole and the tornado. We hope this helps our new Snatchers and our current players who have a limited amount of coins and diamonds to use on tools and super weapons.

The key thing to remember here is location, and in the bottom left corner of your map, you’ll see an icon showing you a┬álist of collectors that you can Snatch from.

Snatch map

If you find that there aren’t enough Snatchers on your list, then moving around and out of your vicinity to an area where there’s a lot of people will be a sure way to find more players to Snatch from. You might even get lucky and strike gold with a Golden parcel!

Just remember that each time you Snatch from a nearby player, you’ll have 25 coins taken from your account. If you snatch from a friend, it’s 100 coins.

All in all, it’s a cheaper option to pick and choose who you want to Snatch from because while you’re busy Snatching from them, nobody can Snatch from you.


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