Snatch easter bunny
Easter bunny

First off, Happy Easter Snatchers!

The sun is out, prizes are loaded up, so it’s time to get Snatching. Through to Monday, we’ll be putting out a whole bunch of Easter prizes so we’re here to give you the lowdown on what’s coming up.

Cadbury World Tour

Great for a family day out or for getting a group of your favourite chocolate-loving Snatchers, lock down this prize and you can spend a day at Cadbury World. Full of activities, different zones, and the world’s biggest Cadbury shop it’s bound to be a fantastic time

Snapchat Spectacles


Record your memories directly as you see them. These exclusive Spectacles allow you to film and directly upload videos to Snapchat. You could even film your latest Snatch adventure and send it to us, we’d love to see what our Snatchers get up to.

Bunny Ears

bunny ears, easter

Having a bad hare day? Distract those looks with some bunny ears. You’d be hopping mad to miss these. Rock the funny bunny look and send us a photo over on Twitter at @SnatchHQ.

Golden Eggs

It looks like the cheeky Snatcher Bunny has been up and down the nation, hiding Golden Eggs all over the place. Hatch one of these and you’ll be £50 richer, that’s a whole lot of chocolate you can buy.

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