As we’ve now got our blog up and running, we’d like to welcome you once again. It’s nice that you’re here and we hope you enjoy what we’ve got in store for you today.

Since our launch on February 9th, Snatchers across the UK have locked down some amazing prizes, even if we do say so ourselves. Getting all these prizes together and making sure we get the deserving winners their treasures is no small task, but we love it all the same.

Whilst some of our team were at SXSW in Texas last month, the rest of us at Snatch HQ were taking care of prizes to be sent out to our lucky Snatchers.

Behind all these goodies is our team, making sure we get you your prizes as soon as possible. Whilst the bigger prizes like a trip to Dublin is a little harder to put in a tidy envelope, prizes for Nando’s, film trips and T-shirts come through our headquarters before being sent off. Taking care of them isn’t easy but we’re well equipped with spreadsheets, pens, and our fav tunes.

Snatch HQ

Doing what we do, day in, day out is a rewarding process and we love seeing you guys @ us on Twitter with your screenshots and your wins. So please continue sending us them in.

At our offices in Southbank, part of everyone’s day is checking the Twitter feed and your emails to see what went out, who’s won what and your happy faces. Trust us, it helps with the cloudy grey days, and makes the sunny ones that much brighter.

Snatch, t-shirts, limited

Whilst we work on all your prizes, Snatch is taking over the country. From our offices in London, up in the icy winds of Scotland, there’s Snatchers everywhere.

The exciting part of this is that as Snatch grows and pulls in more of you guys, we’ll have even more prizes ready for people to hunt down.

Finally, here’s a pic of the London skyline from our office during sundown. Happy Saturday!

Sunset, London, Skyline


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