Happy Thursday Snatchers,

The bank holiday weekend is in sight and we’ve added something new to our leaderboard this week.

Below you can now see your Snatchers score. This score takes into account how many Snatches you made and the number of times you have attacked and defended.

Congratulations to “LE2BOO” for coming first this week with a Snatcher Score of a whopping 1174 and runners up “ITSMEBISH” and “TERROR4U”. It’s exciting to see different players make the leaderboard and it goes to show your hard work is not going unnoticed.

Remember, every week our top 3 Snatchers will win exclusive prizes. Top Snatcher will receive a Snatch hoody from us and runners up receive Snatch socks. So those who didn’t make the cut, keep Snatching because next week you could be up there with a prize on your way.

Are you new on our leaderboard this week? Tweet us at @SnatchHQ or leave a comment below, then brag about it to your friends and family.

branded leaderboard
Snatch leaderboard




If you’ve been playing Snatch long enough you’ll know that on your profile there’s a mysterious label. Today, we’re taking the mystery away by telling you what these labels actually mean.

We call them the Snatch rankings. They’re there to show you the level you’re at and how well you’re doing when it comes to Snatching (or collecting) parcels.

Snatch Ranking
Here are the different rankings:

Amateur – If you’re new around these parts, you haven’t played much or you’re still getting to grips with the game then you’re more than likely to be an Amateur. Your stats will be low but give it time, play consistently and this will soon pick up.

Budding – If you’re at this stage then you’re showing signs of promise, picking up the pace and you’re well on your way to Snatch success.

Seasoned – You’re doing well. You’re Snatching to the right and collecting to the left. This shows you that you’ve got experience to go higher up the ranks.

Experienced – Over time, you’ll become experienced depending on how you’ve been playing. This takes skill and is a great accomplishment.

Pro – Professional. You’re a true Snatcher. You know the game by the back of your hand now. Other local snatchers know and loathe you.

Prolific – You’re one up from the previous ranking. You’re Snatching an abundant amount of parcels and your inventory is always full.

Dedicated – You’re a loyal Snatcher. You’re committed no matter what and you’re constantly playing.

Master – The name says it all. You’re a black belt in Snatching. You’re at the peak and no one can stop you now.

Once you’ve got the above ranking, it’ll be followed by either one of these three labels: Collector, Snatcher or Provider. 

If you’re a Collector, we assume that you love walking around gathering parcels as well as utilising the radar a lot.

If you’re a Snatcher, you Snatch from nearby players, friends and you love the black hole.

If you’re a Provider, you get Snatched from a lot, so much so that you may as well be another feature on our app allowing Snatchers to take parcels from you in broad daylight.

You don’t want to be a Provider.

Happy Snatchin’


Snatch General Election
Run as a candidate for the upcoming General Election

So… with the news that the PM has called a snap general election, we’re giving all (Margaret) Snatchers the chance to run for Parliament. I mean if Donald Trump can win an election in 2016, then you guys certainly can this year.

If you’re reading this post then you’re either intrigued or (understandably) you think that we’ve completely lost it. Either way, here’s the deal…

Our lucky/unfortunate winner will get the chance to choose the constituency that they wish to run for. This is a chance to get your name on the ballot paper on June 8th and help fix our fractured country.

Before breaking out your Sunday best and dusting off your rosettes, we’ll need you to read the T&Cs. This is to make sure that you are eligible to claim your prize, it’s no good the world being your oyster, but having no way to open it… if you know what I mean?

So, remember:

  • You must be over 18 and a British citizen.
  • You must not be in the armed forces, civil service or a member of either Houses of Parliament.
  • Finally, you must not be subject to any bankruptcy restrictions.

20 boxes will be going into Snatch offering the winner the chance to stand as an MP. The right honourable Snatchers will then state their manifesto in a video and a winner will be chosen.

There’s one little, tiny addition that you can do to win a special prize. Nothing too crazy, you just need to change your name to Margret Snatcher… Are you up for it?

This is your chance to kick off your political career. Are you the one who can unite the kingdom?


Hey, Snatchers!

We’re back this week with some more Snatchy goodness. Today we want to talk to you about Snatching (and retaining) parcels without any help from our friends – the black hole, the supermassive black hole and the tornado. We hope this helps our new Snatchers and our current players who have a limited amount of coins and diamonds to use on tools and super weapons.

The key thing to remember here is location, and in the bottom left corner of your map, you’ll see an icon showing you a list of collectors that you can Snatch from.

Snatch map

If you find that there aren’t enough Snatchers on your list, then moving around and out of your vicinity to an area where there’s a lot of people will be a sure way to find more players to Snatch from. You might even get lucky and strike gold with a Golden parcel!

Just remember that each time you Snatch from a nearby player, you’ll have 25 coins taken from your account. If you snatch from a friend, it’s 100 coins.

All in all, it’s a cheaper option to pick and choose who you want to Snatch from because while you’re busy Snatching from them, nobody can Snatch from you.



Snatch easter bunny
Easter bunny

First off, Happy Easter Snatchers!

The sun is out, prizes are loaded up, so it’s time to get Snatching. Through to Monday, we’ll be putting out a whole bunch of Easter prizes so we’re here to give you the lowdown on what’s coming up.

Cadbury World Tour

Great for a family day out or for getting a group of your favourite chocolate-loving Snatchers, lock down this prize and you can spend a day at Cadbury World. Full of activities, different zones, and the world’s biggest Cadbury shop it’s bound to be a fantastic time

Snapchat Spectacles


Record your memories directly as you see them. These exclusive Spectacles allow you to film and directly upload videos to Snapchat. You could even film your latest Snatch adventure and send it to us, we’d love to see what our Snatchers get up to.

Bunny Ears

bunny ears, easter

Having a bad hare day? Distract those looks with some bunny ears. You’d be hopping mad to miss these. Rock the funny bunny look and send us a photo over on Twitter at @SnatchHQ.

Golden Eggs

It looks like the cheeky Snatcher Bunny has been up and down the nation, hiding Golden Eggs all over the place. Hatch one of these and you’ll be £50 richer, that’s a whole lot of chocolate you can buy.


*Drum roll please*

Congratulations to top Snatcher LE2BOO this week, who will be receiving an exclusive Snatch hoody for coming first! But that’s not all because our runners up will get their hands on a cool prize for all the hard work they’ve been putting in.

Well done to all of you Snatchers who made it on the leaderboard.

Do you see your name? Remember to tweet us @SnatchHQ

If not, keep snatching and you might be here next week.

Top 10 snatchers
Top 10 Snatchers Leaderboard


We’ve all experienced this when playing Snatch right? You’re constantly checking your phone, counting down every second until the exciting reveal – only to have your parcel snatched away in those crucial moments.

How frustrating! Especially if you lost the most coveted prize of all: The Golden Parcel.

The fact is that most of these snatches could have been prevented. It’s happened to the best of us, but we have you covered.

So, here’s 3 tips to keep in mind to effectively defend in future.


This is the pinnacle of success when it comes to Snatch.

To prevent an attack, you have a few options: Tent, Invisibility Cloak and the Emergency Battery. Once a snatch has been initiated, you have the Smoke Screen and Snatch Proof Vest to protect yourself. Each with their own unique functionality.

Tent: Protects you at your current location. You will not be attacked if you stay within a 200-metre radius of this location. It lasts for 60 minutes and you can only use it once a day.

Invisibility Cloak: Use the invisibility cloak to keep yourself UNSNATCHABLE. Not one Snatcher will be able to see you on their radar so they’ll have no chance. This tool has a max deployment of three per day, lasting for 60 minutes with each deployment- a total of 180 minutes of protection… not bad!

Emergency Battery: Is used when your battery level is below 20%. You can deploy it twice a day and it gives you protection for 30 minutes with each deployment.

Snatch Proof Vest: Is used for a single deployment against an attack. With every new attack, you will have to deploy the tool again.

Smoke Screen: Gives you protection for 15 minutes from an attack, meaning that you are invisible on the map for this set time (UNSNATCHABLE). Keep an eye on the clock though! Snatchers are Lurking.


On the Snatch Map, when you see a green SafeHouse nearby you can check in and be protected. These can vary when it comes to how long this protection lasts. Some may be less or more than an hour. Keep your eyes peeled and make sure you check in before you leave your phone.


When it comes to losing parcels when you are asleep, we’d love to be able to tell you that we’re releasing a tool offering an all-nighter. It’s not an option (who knows what the future holds), so we can only insist that you plan ahead (6 hours) and aim to lock down your parcels before you rest those shifty eyes. Or get yourself a good luck charm and hope your parcels are still there the next morning – we’d go for the former.


If you’ve ever been a Golden Parcel winner then you should know all about Circle.

Circle Pay is an innovative way of moving money through an app, for free. Whether it’s splitting the costs of a round at the pub, giving your friend half the money for the electric bill or reminding your sibling to pay for your mothers gift. It’s the perfect way to transfer money fast, easy and safely.

We highly recommend using Circle when it comes to moving money to friends and family. That’s why we use it to send you money after you snatch and lock down Golden Parcels. So we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Before we go, we’d just like to remind you that when you go to redeem the cash in your Golden Parcels, you must use the same email address as your Snatch account when you create your Circle Pay one.



As we’ve now got our blog up and running, we’d like to welcome you once again. It’s nice that you’re here and we hope you enjoy what we’ve got in store for you today.

Since our launch on February 9th, Snatchers across the UK have locked down some amazing prizes, even if we do say so ourselves. Getting all these prizes together and making sure we get the deserving winners their treasures is no small task, but we love it all the same.

Whilst some of our team were at SXSW in Texas last month, the rest of us at Snatch HQ were taking care of prizes to be sent out to our lucky Snatchers.

Behind all these goodies is our team, making sure we get you your prizes as soon as possible. Whilst the bigger prizes like a trip to Dublin is a little harder to put in a tidy envelope, prizes for Nando’s, film trips and T-shirts come through our headquarters before being sent off. Taking care of them isn’t easy but we’re well equipped with spreadsheets, pens, and our fav tunes.

Snatch HQ

Doing what we do, day in, day out is a rewarding process and we love seeing you guys @ us on Twitter with your screenshots and your wins. So please continue sending us them in.

At our offices in Southbank, part of everyone’s day is checking the Twitter feed and your emails to see what went out, who’s won what and your happy faces. Trust us, it helps with the cloudy grey days, and makes the sunny ones that much brighter.

Snatch, t-shirts, limited

Whilst we work on all your prizes, Snatch is taking over the country. From our offices in London, up in the icy winds of Scotland, there’s Snatchers everywhere.

The exciting part of this is that as Snatch grows and pulls in more of you guys, we’ll have even more prizes ready for people to hunt down.

Finally, here’s a pic of the London skyline from our office during sundown. Happy Saturday!

Sunset, London, Skyline