Hey Snatchers, 

We’re coming to the end of another week of Snatching and the leaderboard is looking tasty. We’ve got some veteran Snatchers hovering around the top as well as others flying up the table, threatening to knock the others off their perch. 

Congratulations to ANDREAOHALL, KILLTOCURE AND COMEGETMENOW who will be receiving their prizes. 

As a special congratulations for breaking into the top 10 for the first time, SOCKSFOOT will be receiving a mystery prize. 

We will continue to give away special mystery prizes for those who break into this elite group of Snatchers. 

Snatch scores are worked about by assessing a Snatcher’s all-round gameplay. This means that defending, Snatching and securing are all as important as each other.

Keep on Snatching and you might soon see your name up in lights on the Snatch Leaderboard.


Hey Snatchers!

It’s that time of the week again where we check out who has been setting the Snatching world alight.

Huge congrats to STERLINGLDN who is top of the pile with a Snatch score of 616. Keep your eyes peeled as a Snatch hoody is heading your way!

CAROLYN is in 2nd spot with a very respectable Snatch score of 607 which has earned them the very fetching Snatch socks.

In 3rd place we COMEGETMENOW who will receive a Snatch rosette, just in time for election season too.

Snatch scores are worked about by assessing a Snatcher’s all-round gameplay. This means that defending, Snatching and securing are all as important as each other.

Well done to everyone on the leaderboard, especially the newcomers. If you see your name, remember to tweet us @SnatchHQ.


Hey Snatchers,

It’s our Friday leaderboard special and we’ve got this week’s top 10 Snatchers.

Congratulations to LE2DANGEROUS who leads the way this week and will have a fresh, new and exclusive Snatch hoody on the way. Runners-up AULD_PHARRRT will get Snatch socks, and TERROR2U will get a Snatch rosette.

Well done to all the newcomers on our leaderboard this week and if you see your name, remember to tweet us @SnatchHQ.


Hey Snatchers,

We’ve got another leaderboard for you, but with a twist; these Snatchers are the top sharers amongst you. These are the players who have been shouting their referral code from the rooftops and getting free coins for their hard work. 

As a reward, we’re giving our Snatch Whisperers 1000 diamonds each. Pretty awesome right?

Want to be in on the action? Getting your hands on free coins couldn’t be easier.

  1. From your map screen, click the menu button (the three bars in the top left corner)
  2. Tap ‘500 Free coins’
  3. Click on ‘Tap to invite’ and you’ll get a direct link to send to your mates via text, Facebook, WhatsApp, or email . If they download Snatch with your referral code…
  4. Bam. Coins. And another person to Snatch from

 So, so easy.

Keep an eye on the blog for more leaderboards like this one, you might well find yourself on one soon. 

Have a Snatchy weekend,

Snatch HQ


Hey Snatchers,

It’s that time of week again and we’ve now released this week’s leaderboard.

Congratulations to our top Snatcher this week “TERROR2U” who will receive an exclusive Snatch hoody and runners-up “SPIKELAPUNK” and “COREY” who will get Snatch socks.

Well done to all the newcomers on our leaderboard this week and if you see your name, please tweet us @SnatchHQ.


Happy Thursday Snatchers,

The bank holiday weekend is in sight and we’ve added something new to our leaderboard this week.

Below you can now see your Snatchers score. This score takes into account how many Snatches you made and the number of times you have attacked and defended.

Congratulations to “LE2BOO” for coming first this week with a Snatcher Score of a whopping 1174 and runners up “ITSMEBISH” and “TERROR4U”. It’s exciting to see different players make the leaderboard and it goes to show your hard work is not going unnoticed.

Remember, every week our top 3 Snatchers will win exclusive prizes. Top Snatcher will receive a Snatch hoody from us and runners up receive Snatch socks. So those who didn’t make the cut, keep Snatching because next week you could be up there with a prize on your way.

Are you new on our leaderboard this week? Tweet us at @SnatchHQ or leave a comment below, then brag about it to your friends and family.

branded leaderboard
Snatch leaderboard




If you’ve been playing Snatch long enough you’ll know that on your profile there’s a mysterious label. Today, we’re taking the mystery away by telling you what these labels actually mean.

We call them the Snatch rankings. They’re there to show you the level you’re at and how well you’re doing when it comes to Snatching (or collecting) parcels.

Snatch Ranking
Here are the different rankings:

Amateur – If you’re new around these parts, you haven’t played much or you’re still getting to grips with the game then you’re more than likely to be an Amateur. Your stats will be low but give it time, play consistently and this will soon pick up.

Budding – If you’re at this stage then you’re showing signs of promise, picking up the pace and you’re well on your way to Snatch success.

Seasoned – You’re doing well. You’re Snatching to the right and collecting to the left. This shows you that you’ve got experience to go higher up the ranks.

Experienced – Over time, you’ll become experienced depending on how you’ve been playing. This takes skill and is a great accomplishment.

Pro – Professional. You’re a true Snatcher. You know the game by the back of your hand now. Other local snatchers know and loathe you.

Prolific – You’re one up from the previous ranking. You’re Snatching an abundant amount of parcels and your inventory is always full.

Dedicated – You’re a loyal Snatcher. You’re committed no matter what and you’re constantly playing.

Master – The name says it all. You’re a black belt in Snatching. You’re at the peak and no one can stop you now.

Once you’ve got the above ranking, it’ll be followed by either one of these three labels: Collector, Snatcher or Provider. 

If you’re a Collector, we assume that you love walking around gathering parcels as well as utilising the radar a lot.

If you’re a Snatcher, you Snatch from nearby players, friends and you love the black hole.

If you’re a Provider, you get Snatched from a lot, so much so that you may as well be another feature on our app allowing Snatchers to take parcels from you in broad daylight.

You don’t want to be a Provider.

Happy Snatchin’


Snatch General Election
Run as a candidate for the upcoming General Election

So… with the news that the PM has called a snap general election, we’re giving all (Margaret) Snatchers the chance to run for Parliament. I mean if Donald Trump can win an election in 2016, then you guys certainly can this year.

If you’re reading this post then you’re either intrigued or (understandably) you think that we’ve completely lost it. Either way, here’s the deal…

Our lucky/unfortunate winner will get the chance to choose the constituency that they wish to run for. This is a chance to get your name on the ballot paper on June 8th and help fix our fractured country.

Before breaking out your Sunday best and dusting off your rosettes, we’ll need you to read the T&Cs. This is to make sure that you are eligible to claim your prize, it’s no good the world being your oyster, but having no way to open it… if you know what I mean?

So, remember:

  • You must be over 18 and a British citizen.
  • You must not be in the armed forces, civil service or a member of either Houses of Parliament.
  • Finally, you must not be subject to any bankruptcy restrictions.

20 boxes will be going into Snatch offering the winner the chance to stand as an MP. The right honourable Snatchers will then state their manifesto in a video and a winner will be chosen.

There’s one little, tiny addition that you can do to win a special prize. Nothing too crazy, you just need to change your name to Margret Snatcher… Are you up for it?

This is your chance to kick off your political career. Are you the one who can unite the kingdom?


Hey, Snatchers!

We’re back this week with some more Snatchy goodness. Today we want to talk to you about Snatching (and retaining) parcels without any help from our friends – the black hole, the supermassive black hole and the tornado. We hope this helps our new Snatchers and our current players who have a limited amount of coins and diamonds to use on tools and super weapons.

The key thing to remember here is location, and in the bottom left corner of your map, you’ll see an icon showing you a list of collectors that you can Snatch from.

Snatch map

If you find that there aren’t enough Snatchers on your list, then moving around and out of your vicinity to an area where there’s a lot of people will be a sure way to find more players to Snatch from. You might even get lucky and strike gold with a Golden parcel!

Just remember that each time you Snatch from a nearby player, you’ll have 25 coins taken from your account. If you snatch from a friend, it’s 100 coins.

All in all, it’s a cheaper option to pick and choose who you want to Snatch from because while you’re busy Snatching from them, nobody can Snatch from you.