What a week it’s been! Since we started tracking the daily successful Snatches, you guys have been Snatching like never before. And over the past 24 hours, some players posted some SERIOUSLY impressive numbers in a bid to make a last-minute move to the top.

But, drumroll please, there can only be one winner and that winner is…

🎉 LE2BOO 🎉

Since last Friday, they’ve managed to carry out a whopping 576 successful Snatches. They were pushed close by other players but LE2BOO managed to cling on to the top spot to take the coveted King or Queen of Snatchers trophy.

In second place, jumping a spot, is FIZZEL. They overtake MAGICMAGICNINJA who had pushed LE2BOO close all week but just couldn’t do enough to take the lead away from them.

Another noticeable Snatcher was D00DLEBUG who had an incredible final day and managed to climb five spots to take the fourth position. Those living nearby must have wondered just what was going on…

The final standings are below. You guys really Snatched like you had never Snatched before last week and the standings are pretty impressive. This won’t be the last you hear of this leaderboard. Keep your ears to the ground and keep your Snatching strong.

The penultimate Daily Leaderboard is here…


The Daily Leaderboard is just one day away from retirement. For a bit, anyway. The leaderboard needs a rest.

LE2BOO has been setting the standard and they maintain their hot streak at the top – taking their tally to 496. But getting ever closer behind them is MAGICMAGICNINJA on 406 – with just one day left, there’s everything to play for. Jumping one spot, into third place, is FIZZEL on 332. The top three is shaping up nicely…

The full leaderboard is below. There are 24 hours left on the chase…who will be crowned Snatch King or Queen? Find out tomorrow…

The Midweek Daily Leaderboard Ranking

Happy Hump Day!

Wednesday is a big day. We’re reaching a crucial point in the daily leaderboard stakes and some Snatchers have made up some crucial ground – while others have lost some crucial ground.

LE2BOO is still way out in front but MAGICMAGICNINJA has closed the gap ever so slightly – and with two days to go, it could go down to the wire. FIZZEL has jumped up a couple places while closing the gap on DASMERF.

We’ve also got some new entries. SUPERGRAN34 is bringing up the rear, showing we should definitely respect our elders.

We are getting to the business end of proceedings with just two days left on the daily Snatch clock. With the coveted Super Snatcher Trophy up for grabs, who will take the spoils? Check the leaderboard below and start plotting your Snatching NOW.

The Daily Leaderboard returns…

You guys love to Snatch. That much is true. And we have been tracking your daily Snatches in our daily leaderboard which hasn’t been so daily – BUT NOW IT IS. We’ve collated the last three days of Snatching and added it to Friday’s totals to give us the current state of play.

Way out in front with some impressive Snatching is LE2BOO, who has managed to make 373 successful Snatches over the past four days. In second place, DASMERF is trailing on 232 alongside MAGICMAGICNINJA on 232 as well.

And while that lead might seem big, it’s not unassailable. A good day of Snatching and you could be right back in the hunt.

We will update the leaderboard once again tomorrow when we’ve analysed today’s stats and when Friday comes, the leader will be crowned Snatch Champion and presented with a special trophy…


Introducing…the Personal Safe.

“Open Sesame”

Today’s the day – the personal safe opens for business. So, without further ado, here are the rules:

You can only use the safe at bedtime (between 10pm and midnight to be precise).

The safe will slam shut for 6 hours from the moment you deploy it. You may need to set an alarm to wake up and check when the safe is cracked open again.

While the safe is shut, the time left to secure your parcel will continue to tick down in the same way it would normally.

Just because your swag is locked up doesn’t mean Snatchers won’t still try and steal your parcels. However, they will only have a 25% chance of success with each attempt they make to Snatch.

Last thing, the Personal Safe will set you back 775 coins and 75 diamonds.

As this is a new tool, we are trialling the finer details and the tool is subject to change in the coming weeks.

And that’s about it. If you ask us, that is one safe bit of kit.

Snatching just got tougher. Enjoy it.

Snatch HQ

Introducing…a brand new leaderboard…

Every Thursday, our tech guys come into work with a heavier weight on their shoulder than normal. They know that, by the end of the day, they would have smashed the hopes and dreams of thousands of Snatchers as they draw up the weekly leaderboard.

It’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it. And we know that some of y’all time your clocks by the release of the leaderboard – hoping to find your name top of that ten strong list.

Normally, the leaderboard takes into account a complicated and secret formula – which only two Snatch employees know. But, for one week only, we are switching it up and giving you the chance to really storm your way to the top of the leaderboard.

For one week only, the leaderboard will be judged on Snatches and Snatches only. We want you to be ruthless, we want you to Snatch like you’ve never Snatched before. Got a Snatch rival? Snatch from them. Not got a Snatch rival? Make one. Snatch to get your own back, Snatch to start an argument.

The leaderboard will start today and run for a week – and the person at the top after a week will be the winner. Our winner will then be crowned King or Queen of the Snatchers – and will get their hands on a super secret prize.

Without further ado, here’s the first ranking:

So now you know the standard to aim for. And all you got to do is Snatch like you’ve never Snatched before…

Top 10 Leaderboard

Howdy team,

We’ve had A LOT of news to send your way this week, what with revealing our mystery trip winner, our latest and greatest update and of course the creation of our player panel. That’s a lot of excitement to deal with on a Thursday afternoon.

Fancy tea and a Jaffa cake? Not yet my friend,  the excitement ain’t stopping there: IT’S LEADERBOARD TIME.

Who have we got sitting at the top of the roost this week?

She’s only gone and done it, AGAIN – LE2BOO, you are our champ. Our office minions are preparing a swag bag (aka Jiffy bag) with your name on it.

What about second and third place I hear you cry? Hush now, we haven’t forgotten you, DASMERF and JUSTME99. Top work – keep an eye on your letterbox – it’s about to fill up.

What about the rest of youse?

As usual, fresh fish BLONDIE2011X and TURBOMUM get special swag as newcomers.

Last thing…TURBOMUM, we ❤️️  your username. Top work.

Until next week, keep it real – naughty but nice Snatching. We don’t deal in bad-asses.

Snatch HQ.


You love to talk. We love to listen. It might not seem like it sometimes but we really do love chatting to you guys – except you. You know who you are.

Our Support Team speak to hundreds of our Snatchers on a daily basis but that simply isn’t enough. We are like Andrea True; we want more, more, more. And we want it now. We’ve been talking here at Snatch HQ (we love to talk to each other – how’s the weather, Milo? Shaved your moustache yet, Ben? Classic banter) and we’ve decided to set up a lovely player panel.

A PLAYER PANEL I HEAR YOU CRY? Yes, a player panel. It’s a bit like a tin of door paint from a well-known door paint brand. It does exactly what it says on it. We want to compile a panel of you guys who can help us shape the future of Snatch. And we want to get your opinions on the big questions – like whether Ben should shave off his moustache? (It’s a firm no from Ben)

Think you want to be part of our panel? Of course you do! Fill in this form with all the important information and we will consider your application. You have a few things to consider:

  • Not everyone who enters will be chosen. We only have select spaces available.
  • This will be top secret. Think you’ll run to Snatch Tips and Tricks with the survey when it’s released? This ain’t a job for you.

And that’s it. Once you’ve signed up here, we will go through all the applicants and get in touch with those who have been chosen for the panel. Then, the questions will begin…

An updated app – what you get with 1.6

Here at Snatch, we are constantly working on ways to update the game and make it more fun and slick for you guys. We work so hard, our tech team often simply aren’t allowed out of their Tech Cave™️ until the work is done. And, you’ll be pleased to know, we’ve cracked that door and they are allowed some sunlight – just as summer is over – as they’ve just finished their work on a new update…

And now, you lucky Snatchers can take advantage of all their hard work. We’ve just released our latest update across both app stores – version 1.6 is ready for you! There are some major and minor changes coming but the changes will improve the way you play the game – no matter how big or small they are.

If you haven’t hit the update button just yet, do so now. While there are plenty of changes, we just wanted to flag some of the major ones to you. So, without further ado:

  • THE MAPS – Google Maps has now been integrated into both versions of the app, making your maps look slicker, sleeker, and clearer than ever. Their accuracy is also improved meaning you can be sure your weapons and tools will have more of an impact.
  • IMPROVED SECURITY – You may notice the option to log in with email and Facebook has gone. Most of you were already using your phone to log in and we’ve removed the option to improve your security.
  • STREAKS AND TOOLS RESET – To make it easier to track, all streaks and tools will reset at 6am. This means you guys can be sure that once the clock strikes 6am, you can start using weapons again and you’ll receive your daily reward.
  • TENTS AND SAFE HOUSES – We know these can be a little sensitive. This is why we’ve introduced a new buffer for these – giving you an extra 20m so you can be sure that you are secure.

Plus, we’ve got some exciting new tools coming your way that will help you out when it comes to defending your parcels – but more about that later…

Happy Snatching!

Team Snatch

Snatch an Extended Summer – The Reveal…

Snatch Fam,

First thing – big up all you kind folks for sharing your answers to our mystery trip over Facebook and Twitter – we didn’t see that one coming.

Now for the news you’ve been waiting for. Deep breath…

The winner is….


Pack your bags, grab your passport and head for the airport – you deserve it maestro.

For those of you who didn’t get it, keep reading to find out how that clever clogs got it.

The answer that you’ve been looking for is….. Bologna!

Firstly, the Towers of Bologna are two of the final towers left standing in the city. At the start of the 20th Century there were hundreds of towers, thought to be a symbol of power among aristocratic families.

Secondly, the university of Bologna is the oldest in Europe. Simple, right? The oldest university in the world is in Morocco, if you’re interested.

Lastly, the clue is in the name…spaghetti bolognese of course!

You learn something every day…

So, big congrats to KAYLEIGH1790, you nailed it.

To the rest of you, better luck next time.

Team Snatch